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25 Shiny kids GA Payment 2

I was absent from the comm a while, 'cause of school, I have some hard work to do. So, sorry for the late reply to all PM. I hope I don't have late payment for Ga's... Please, thanks to send me a PM if i missed a payment !

Here come the 2nd Payment!

Remember ?

A small rules reminder  :
-This payment is for  the shipping from noppin to Paperoid
- Payment by Paypal only.
- Please made the payment ASAP.

So the Spreadsheet is here

Please send your payment to : paperdroid[at]gmail.com. And edit the spreadsheet once you've paid.
Also, remember to include your username, "Shiny kids GA" and what you're buying in the paypal memo please. =3

Thank you !
Tags: group auction, payments
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