Miss_n00b (fizzycat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

offers reminder and meetup time for londonEXPO!

hey guys, just a quick post today!

First, a reminder that my mewtwo offers are ending in an hour! Includes a rare mewwtwo beanie hat, a mewtwo zukan and other items!

Click this link or the pictures to be transported!

secondly, we now have a time and day for the london ExPO meetup! thank you everyone for letting me know what day you can make it!

It will be on SATURDAY at MIDDAY. We will be meeting outside the ibiss hotel before moving into the ExCel center. We WILL have a sign, as well as food and free toys! Whats not to love?!

I will post a reminder next week on thursday or so, but if you have any disputes on the time don't hesitate to let me know! If you also want a way to contact me, if you PM me I can give you contact details :)

Once again thanks again guys, and I'll see you next week! <3 
Tags: sales
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