Chrissy 'Fluffbutt' (tyltalis) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Chrissy 'Fluffbutt'

Quick TCG Wants + Unknown Figure?

Hello everyone! I'm here tonight with some quick TCG wants of mine, usually I'm not too big on flats but my OCD has gotten the better of me and I'd like to try and finish off my Swablu/Altaria card collection. These cards can be English or Japanese, it doesn't matter to me, as well as mint or a bend or two. I'm not that picky. :D

♥ Altaria - Triumphant
♥ Altaria - Supreme Victors
♥ Altaria ex - EX Emerald
♥ Altaria - EX Dragon

♥ Swablu - Platinum (Shiny)
♥ Swablu - EX Emerald

And finally, if anyone remembers the small AG figure GB I hosted a while ago, then you know it was a giant flop due to the lot being sold out long before I even found it. So I come asking questions, this is the Altaria figure that was in the lot, does anyone have ANY information about it at all? The translation was a little rough, but it looks like these figures were Gachapon Figures in a set called Pokemon Parade by Bandai. The only other thing I've found by searching ポケモン パレード (which is what was in the original lot) comes up with some AG figured that look like they attach together, but nothing on these! Anyone have any information about this Altaria sitting on a Luxury Ball? :(

Tags: altaria, cards, figures, swablu, wanted
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