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exclusive south america happy meal toy

Hey there community~
Not so long ago, a friend of mine told me they were bringing the B&W toys here and I was NO WAY D:
But indeed, they got here, blackdog666 and I were mega excited *O*

We couldn't organize to go together, but we've been talking about this matter a lot~
So I went today with friends, I haven't ordered a happy meal for so many years it was so embarrasing >___<
And good thing I ate something before, cause those kids should starve with the amount of food in the happy meal ¬o¬

Anyways, here's the special one:

(It's a pikachu throw thingie... and yeah I had to order an extra burger XD)

I got a holo Zorua, the cards are obviously in spanish :3
The other toys are the same I think, tho blackdog333 says there are differences...

I'd like to know if anyone would be interested, cause we could do pickups (and get fat or give away food..)
Tho I don't know how much they could be, the happy meal here (or Mc Donald's in general) isn't cheap at all >o<

Anyways, give me comments and let me know how much a happy meal costs where you live :D

Thanks for reading~
Tags: info, pikachu
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