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A lurker appears with a contest entry!

Hiya!  9/10 of you don't know me, but I'm participating in the Halloween contest anyway!  It's a photostory, of course, and I hope you all enjoy reading about my day building a fort!  Oh, and there's Pokemon there, too, of course. :)


Well, I know it was a drawn out image heavy piece of something or another, but I hoped you liked it :).  I have to say, for my first photostory, I shouldn't have used an iphone camera for all the dim lighting scenes, but I'm both happy and proud of it, nonetheless!  If you could leave some feedback in the comments, it'd make me happy <3  Thanks guys, byebye!

Oh, and this is my official entry (as if you couldn't guess):

Happy Halloween!
Tags: contest, espeon, leafeon, snivy, zoroark
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