hibikitikibi (hibikitikibi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

hibiki has (d)evolved into lurker.... and wants to learn fly!

hi everyone... I know I have been missing for awhile....I when to NDK (Denver anime con) and then kinda.... vanished.... my computer died..... completely... so I'm sorry I know these kinds of things are frowned upon.... but I lost record of who I owe payment to.... (although I'm pretty sure I'm caught up) so please let me know!

so I also didn't see anyone from PKMNCollectors at NDK as far as I know (boohoo were you all hiding?) I was dressed as Emolga... (sorry no photo right now!! >.<) I got some new things, serperior banpresto plush, mpc panpour, and tomy plush panpour. I was actually very surprised about how little of pokemon I got.... I normally splurge, but after joining pokemon collectors I thought more "oh I can get this later" or "this is really expensive... I can get it for cheaper on pokemon collectors..."

but for the main subject of this is, I'll be going to new york for the first time in less than a week! Thursday infact! other than nintendo world, are there any other good places for pokemon sightings?? I'll be staying with my sister in the Manhattan or maybe it was Harlem area ( I'll find out before I go...) but I must find many nice things to do as I may even move there, and I ought to know where to feed my addiction! thanks guys!!! I promise I'm not dead!
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