Flare (chibi_flare) wrote in pkmncollectors,

remember this ga?

We rather lost this one. We just didn't raise enough, even with me raising my bid to the same amount of what was raised. So yes, sorry everyone!

On more happier news, I went the other day by GameStop and was totally reminded that Pokemon Rumble Blast has a preorder item, so I went and reserved it. XD Even tho I don't have a 3DS at all. lol I also went and picked up an adorable pikachu hoodie that Hot Topic sells for rally274.

(stock photo from the Hot Topic website XD)

Isn't that adorable? I would get one myself, but I wouldn't really use it much. X3

Random question, does anyone know if flareon has more than one stamper? I have a blue one and I've seen a rubber one, but that's about it. And also, does flareon have a chou?

I'll shut up now. X3
Tags: group auction, pikachu
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