Articuno (articuno144) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Got grail that I didn't even know existed!!

Ok firstly, did anyone else know that a jumbo version of this plush existed?? Because I didn't!!
Lugia Plush

Not until I came across this on Y!Japan

Lugia plush jumbo lotto

I swore to myself that I would get this at any cost, and I did!! That's all of this month's spare wages gone >v< but I hardly care because this is another addition to my collection which I thought was almost complete, now it turns out I need four more (including this one). When I receive it I'll only need three, but they will be the three hardest to get EVER..

So anyway, if anyone has any info on this jumbo plush I'd be really interested to hear about it! I know it was a prize and that it's about 17 inches long.

Needless to say though, I am EXTREMELY happy!!! ^v^ Grail get!!!!!

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