Chris (prguitarman) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Super quick update with pics from NYC + collection [Edit: fixed some photos]

I recently went to NYC for New York Comic Con and was finally able to visit Nintendo World for the first time. It was so awesome, I'm very glad I went. Anyway, I took several photos from Nintendo World and you can check them out here, as well as a quickly thrown together plush collection and some other Pokemon related photos I took at NYC, as well!

The Pokemon section actually wasn't as glorious as I assume it used to be since it's been overtaken now by other Nintendo merch, but it was still fun to check out. $10 Pokedolls and $20 large Pokedolls?? yes, please!


I also wanted to sweet talk my way into some cool free merch, and even got one of the extremely limited edition Nintendo DS Lites they had there. I really wanted to come home with something unique, and I really think this tops it all

On the Saturday of NYCC, they had a Pokemon Rumble event nearby, where they basically showed off the game and had some small events for the kids. I was able to score a lot of cool free swag though, including a nice shirt and a few other things. I didn't stick around though, since I had a busy day ahead of me:

On our last day in the city, I actually found an anime store that had a lot of cool Pokemon plush and things on display. I wanted to buy everything but couldn't carry it all XD

And finally, here is a really quick update of some of my Pokemon goods. There's a lot that is unaccounted for, like my Pokemon White DSi and a few other things, but I may include them in when I make a proper update. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the photos~

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