nanoplasm (nanoplasm) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Center Run and Plamo Offers

Here are the latest Pokemon Center goodies available.

Pokedoll of Tympole, Ducklett, and Bisharp (most of the older ones are available as well).  Each one is $24 shipped to US address.

Pikachu Halloween plush is $27 shipped to US and Witlick and Woobat are $16.50 shipped each.  Took three trips before I found Joltik, so he's $20 shipped to US.  A whole set of the ball-chain hang plush is $37 shipped. =)

The charms are $10 each shipped, or $25 for all three starters, or $33 for all four.

The GOTHITA GOTHORITA GOTHITELLE evolution charm set is $17 shipped, and YAMASK COFAGRIGUS evolution charm set is $13 shipped.  Sorry, no Witlick set. =(

Clear files are $8 shipped to US, and each additional one is $5.

There is also the Emolga wooden stamp, if anyone is interested.

Moving on to the PokePlamo next.

Everything in this pile is $18 each shipped to US.

Same for this pile as well.  $18 shipped to US.

The movie edition of Zekrom and Reshiram is $20 shipped each.  Pikachu and Victini is $15 shipped each.  And the dragon combo pack is $34 shipped.

Paypal info and shipping terms can be found here.

I will be happy to answer any question either as reply to this post or as PM. ^_^

Thanks for looking! =)
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