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I would like to leave a quick wants post here. I am starting a couple of new projects, but some of my needs are quite simple actually! I am looking for:
  1. EDIT: Because I forgot to mention this earlier. I am also looking for those little anime/movie postcards. You know, the kind you could have gotten from Burger King. Especially want scenes from the First movie. Found!
  2. A Bulbasaur figure (preferably a tomy or something about that size). Found!
  3. Anything Feraligatr! No totodile or croconaw, only 'gatr please. I am especially looking for the Banpresto Feraligatr plush.
  4. Tomy Shaymin plush. I believe it is the one with the sad eyes? Even if you think yours is a bootie as I've seen some before, let me know, I may still be interested. Found!
Finally, I know this is a long shot but I have this Charizard (he is next to the dinosaur at the lower right corner of the photo). You may notice that he is sadly missing his wings because I was a negligent kid. He is supposed to look like this. My Charizard needs wings! Please help him return to the skies! If you happen to have any lying around from lots or anything that look like they could be his, please give me a heads up. I know this is a shot in the dark but I would like to give it a try. Thank you.. ♥

The picture of the complete Hasbro Talking CharizardI linked to is not mine, I found it on google. I believe the photo belongs to [info]sorcererhuntres (if you would like me to take away the link let me know).

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