Shaggy Griffon (shaggy_griffon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Shaggy Griffon


So i really want one of those 1:1 pantslizard(scraggy) plushies, but with christmas coming up i dont have enough cash to cover it :/ So im curious, would anyone who has one be willing to trade for the 1:1 pokabu/tepig?

I also have a raichu friends plush i'm debating on selling. What do they go for generally? Mine needs some superglue repairs, but i heard thats common with the way the plush were made.
And have my typhlosion hoodie up on ebay if anyone's interested: as well as a zekrom pokedoll and kibago UFO plushie.

I MIGHT consider trading my 1:1 cynda, but that is still pending.
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