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sales and re-intro!

First off, ~*sales post*~ update! Dropped prices on old things, took new pictures of most things, and added in leftovers from my auctions a while back! Haggling and trades are totally accepted :D

I forget if I've done a re-introduction before.. oh well! Hello I'm ShinyV and I collect Vulpix! I've been here for a few years now, wow! I actually had Vulpix merch before I had much of an idea what Pokemon even was - I can't believe that silly KFC Pokemon promo was what launched me into this fandom/collection craze xD Blah blah blah I'm bad at talking about myself, so click the cut for collection photos!!

We'll start with some minor collection gets! I keep accidentally getting Reshirams, augh. My poor Emolgas keep getting shuffled around in my room and have no permanent home xD Right now they live next to a giant spider.

Not new, but.. cute!

Porygon zukan and the cutest Sentret ever ahh!

I'm way late to the party with this guy, but.. ahh!! Got the Reshiram pokedoll a few weeks ago and he is just absolutely fantastic. So big and soft! He now reigns over my pokedolls. His eyebrows give him such lovely expressions.

Vulpix time!

Ever wondered what a Vulpix collection in complete disarray looks like? Me neither, but here's what mine looked like!

That's better! I set everything back up pretty much the same as I had it before, but.. at least everything is nice and bright and shiny and not dusty now!

Some tiny things that don't get focused on much since I have them hiding away - Vulpix stamp-shaped clip, 151 pin, gym leader pin, Burger King gameboy .. thing, a fabulous bootleg pin, and a .. I forget what those are called.

Closeup of one side!

And the other! Custom corner :D That KFC plush was the very first thing in my collection, and the very first piece of Pokemerch I had! Also I'm pretty sure that Vulpix book is one of the greatest books ever published. [I'm considering selling the shiny canvas custom (made by the very talented slothyshroom!) - message me if you'd be interested!]

Spotlight on shinies! So lovely :D

No ShinyV Update is complete without the overlord of my collection, Bigpix! (And his self-appointed assistant, His Highness!)

His Highness wins the awards for both Softest Vulpix In My Collection and Most Awkardly Shaped Vulpix In My Collection. Bigpix wins the award for being too big to fit anywhere.

And now it is time for my Pokemon collection to harass my other collections.

Come at me, bro?

Sorry Emolga, you're just not quite a bat..

Thinking with portals pokedolls! This is a game called 'how many pokedolls can you stack on a companion cube before all of your hopes and dreams come crashing to the ground.' The answer? Seven. Seven pokedolls. (Lard form Shaymin over there was the cause of the avalanche.)

And.. that's it! :D Thanks for reading! C:

Some quick wants - as always, I'm after any Vulpix stuff I don't have! Metal figures in other colors and those rubbery figures that come in a billion colors are some things I'm specifically after. Also, that rad Reshiram bottlecap figure! Does that come in a TCG tin, or where are you people finding them? Gonna have to get that soon!

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