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collection weeding sales/auctions!

Hello! I bring to you today some interesting sales and auctions! I made the extremely difficult decision to sell off my side collections, which consist of Swablu, Altaria, Sceptile, and Ludicolo. I also have some pretty interesting stuff under the cut to include a snazzy balloon promo clearfile, MWT UFOs, and old school holographic pokemon cards!

Please read the rules before purchasing/bidding!! :]

- I was granted sales permission by lineaalba on September 1, 2010
- I ship from Virginia, US, and I will ship anywhere
- Minimum purchase of $3 for figures and plush. All prices are in USD and do not include shipping
- I will hold any items for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the item will go back for sale
- No backing out of sales. Ask for a quote first before you commit to buy.
- I'm not responsible for items lost in the mail. If you'd like delivery confirmation, please inquire
- My feedback thread is here
- I'm open to haggling, just as long as it's reasonable!

Auction Rules:
- Bid increments of $1 or more
- This auction will end on Friday, October 28th at 9:00pm EST
- Failure to follow rules will result in negative feedback and/or sales ban! :[


Altaria UFO- Used condition, tush tag only. Has small stain on fluff part [here]. Starts at $20
Sceptile Pokedoll- Used condition, tush tag only. Has only been on display since purchase one year ago. Starts at $40

All figures are in mint condition and used for display purposes only
Rare Altaria Bell- Starts at $15
Clear Swablu Kid- Starts at $5
Swablu Megablok- Starts at $3

All figures are in mint condition and used for display purposes only
Sceptile Zukan- Starts at $25
Rare Sceptile Bell Keychain [Ultra Ball]- Starts at $8

Balloon Promo Clearfile- Gently used. [Back] of clearfile. Starts at $10

Johto Tupperware Container- additional views [here] and [here] Starts at $5
Grimer Pokedoll for size reference only


All UFOs are MWT unless otherwise stated.
Vileplume- $20
Regigigas- $15
Togekiss- $15
Roserade- Loved, tush tag only. $12

Chikorita Pokedoll MWT- $20

All Jakks plush are MWT
Budew- $8
Chikorita- $10
Kricketot- $4
Politoed- $10
Munna- $10

Hasbro Poliwhirl- $2
BK Bellsprout- $5

Normal Altaria Kid- $2
Singing Altaria Kid- $5
Flying Altaria Kid- $5

Swablu Kid- $2
Swablu Tomy- $3
Altaria Tomy- $3

Normal Sceptile Kid- $2
Attack Sceptile Kid- $3

Back Row [L to R]: Dex Figure- $5, European Candy Figure- $4, Tomy- $3
Front Row [L to R]: Chocoball Figure- $4, Pencil Topper- $4

Jakks Ludicolo- $5
Hasbro Lombre- $3

Lotad Kid- $1
Lombre Kid- $1
Ludicolo Kid- $2

Ludicolo Tomy- $2

Custom buttons- $1 each

Random Holos
Charizard- $3
Venusaur- $1.50
Jolteon- $1.50
Entei- $2
All others- $1

Base and Jungle Holos
Vaporeon- $2
Zapdos- $1.50
All others- $1

Team Rocket Holos
Dark Raichu- $2
Dark Gyarados- $2
All others- $1
SOLD: Dark Blastoise, Dark Magneton

Neo Revelation Holos
Houndoom- $2
All others- $1
SOLD: Misdreavus

Gym Heroes/Challenge Holos
$1 each
SOLD: Blaine's Moltres, Erika's Clefable, Misty's Seadra

Trainer Holos
Giovanni- $1.50
Here Comes Team Rocket- $1.50
1st Edition Blaine- $2
The Rocket's Trap- $1

Anything in this post can be combined with my normal sales here!

Thanks for looking! <333

Tags: altaria, cards, sales, sceptile, swablu
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