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Big collection update! Mewtwo mini-grail AND major want obtained :D

So I recently obtained a box of over 30 plushes, one of which included a mini-grail of mine :D And I've also obtained a major want, and a MASSIVE Dialga!

(Warning - image heavy!)

Okay, so within that mighty box I received some pretty good stuff, but here are the highlights:

A Flareon Pokedoll from the Washington Pokemon Center

A Groudon Pokedoll

An Explorers of Sky promo Shaymin plush

Banpresto (?) Munchlax

And now for the mini-grail!

A Play-by-Play Mewtwo Zipper Pull! :D I found him hiding in a lot, not mentioned by name. So I bought the lot xD And here he is, in perfect condition (no hang tag, but other than that he's mint). Not that I'm a stickler for tags/condition of the plushes, but still. I was so happy when I got him :D

And now for my acquired want.<3

"Oh my Arceus, what IS that thing??"

Fiona has a new roommate (and a new skirt :3). He's bigger than any of my Mewtwo plushes, because...well, he's the largest 'Two of all. :D

I give you...Kronos!

And me. Teehee.

Kronos is HUGE (2 feet tall). He cost me a mint, but he has all his original tags and everything. :3

Here he is with the Flareon Pokedoll, for size reference:

So now he joins my Play by Play family of Alfred Lord Twoson, Violet, and Fiona...

And my other 'Twos, of course. :3

Also, if you're interested in the whole unboxing of the plushes, I filmed it and you can see it here (it's been hilariously edited by my brother xD). I will be putting many of these up for sale once I get sales permission, so let me know if you're interested in 'em!

That's all for now my lovelies. <3 

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