acciolucius (acciolucius) wrote in pkmncollectors,

another amazing get + halloween entry + updates

So last week I got one of, if not the holy, grail of my collection : the large talking Lugia figure. Well, just two days later he got a buddy even larger than he. I think they'll get along well. :) I'm so tempted to let this be my bed buddy, but I'm too afraid of messing it or the tag up. Humph. >:/

Yesterday I was finishing up my pumpkin for my library's pumpkin decorating contest. I had to take a picture of it today before I sent it off - a friend wanted to see it - so I got in the mood take some photos and put together my Halloween Contest entry. It's completely different than what I had planned, but I love it. Photos are under the cut.

And here are the stars of the show:

Count Lugia

The Wicked Snivy of Unova

And lastly Zorua Spar- I mean...
CAPTAIN Zorua Sparrow

And of course, here is the group photo for my entry. :)

Now an update: All of my orders have been shipped or are packaged and waiting to be shipped. I have a few folks asking for feedback, and I promise to get to those really soon. :) College life has been super busy lately. >_>
Tags: contest, lugia, snivy, zorua
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