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today i come with a question and a price check for YOU.

you might know i have a very famously extensive collection of production art from the pokemon anime past and present. in my quest to obtain these arts, i have ended up with a few "flops" at least in my view... production art of characters i am not collecting, or who, due to space issues, i just can't keep lots of art of them around.

my question is, are you, the community, interested in these genga? they are real pencil drawings used to create the diamond and pearl anime ... specifically episodes starring cynthia, darkrai and team galactic.

-they are hand drawn
-they are authentic
-they are one of a kind
-they are impossible to find nowadays
-they are the coolest collector's item around
-but they ARE EXPENSIVE be forewarned!

collecting production art is not a cheap hobby.

i am just not sure if enough community members are interested in the anime/these characters to want to own these genga. i would prefer not to take them to ebay, but so be it if it must be so.

for now, please take a look at these sets of genga! they would indeed be sold as five sets you can see in five photos down below.

NOTE: ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE! interested parties: please speak up!

cynthia, ash, brock and dawn, with piplup and pikachu. i would ask around 200$ for this set or best offer. you get ALL of these sheets -- it's less than 20$ per HAND DRAWN SHEET! this is the only genga i have ever see of cynthia.

darkrai from the darkrai vrs.cresselia DP episode. i would ask 100$ for this set.

ash and pikachu in various poses. i would ask 150$ for this set.

dawn opening a door. i would ask 80$ for this set.

dawn's mother, ash and brock, along with jessie and james disguised as team galatic, and sunglasses galactic guy. i would ask 100$ for this set.

thanks for looking guys~
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