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Sales; both regular and custom! bead sprites and stickers! :o

Good Morning/Evening everyone!

You know you want to click to see my awesome stickers! DO IT. ;)

i hope everyone is well. i have finally got everything together for my next sales post:) i hope you all like what i have here. a fair amount of new stuff. i had posted a picture of my TCG stickers that i made last month and people really seemed to like them! so this time around they are for sale:) they are pictured below and prices are on my sales page. i also am opening up requests for any and all bead sprite. small, big, and huge! ;) (ANY sprite based games. i haven't done any from Mystery Dungeon or Pokemon Ranger, but would be happy to do them) i have some already made bead sprites for sale also. (even BW pokemon!)

i also come with what i think is a really neat idea........last time i had bead sprite requests open a community member asked if i would be wiling to do a pokemon from all of the gameboy/DS games. i loved the idea! so i checked what beads i had and would need to order. i told them it would take a while, but i could do it. and i did! pictured below is Farfetch'd through each game. starting from the back(top left) is Green, Red/Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Ruby/Sapphire/Fire Red/Leaf Green, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, and Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

**this set has already been sold**

i really enjoyed doing this and i would be happy to do it for any other pokemon. depending on the size of the bead sprite the cost varies from $10 to $12 each. that DOES NOT include shipping/fees and cost of materials(these is if i need to order a lot of beads/special colors)

***I AM OPEN to payment plans*** :D

That's it from me for now. no collection update:( the only thing i have bought for myself recently is a Stunky kid:)



Important Info!

*I ship all items from the USA.
*Shipping; please leave your zip code and i will let you know how much shipping will be.
*I have 2 cats, but my items are stored where must dust and cat hair cannot get to them. i will check the items before they go out though. (but a cat hair or two may still be on the item. those things are tricky! just a warning to anyone who is allergic)
*I WILL hold items, just let me know for how long.
*My paypal address is doglover216[at]hotmail[dot]com. Please include your LJ name and purchase in the note.
*I ship on Saturdays. (i can be a slow shipper.....i don't drive, so it is up to my mom when we go. sometimes she gets held up at work, so i cannot most of the time go during the week. that is why i say Saturdays are my shipping day)
*I am NOT responsible if items are damaged or lost in the mail. You can pay extra for insurance, just let me know if you want it.

CLICK LINK to see the goodies:
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