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A Sought Get and Some Questions!

Hey, community! One of my favourite things to collect is zukan, especially zukan of my favourite Pokemon. Especially zukan of my favourite Pokemon in cool poses or that are in any way different. So I've been drooling over this girl, and I was SO excited when she finally arrived in the mail...



I told myself I wouldn't pay a ridiculous price, and she was exactly in my range. I've wanted a Raikou for a awhile, and then the Shiny Raikou came out, and I got a Shiny Raikou on my SoulSilver, and I just needed her in my life. I really took my time getting it, haha.

She looks exactly like the pictures, which is good, but not much was really left to the imagination, especially since it's hard to get a different, dynamic photo with her pose. XD

She really looks cool, though! She seems to be made from a different plastic than my other zukan - less textured and more smooth and shiny. Are the newer zukan just like this, or is mine perhaps from another country?

Raikou's about to step on my tiniest zukan, and she doesn't even realize it! Run, little Ralts, she'll crush you!

All my lovely zukan! The more I get the harder they are to fit all together in a nice pose. XD I tried to arrange it so it goes by type; electric - flying - fire - fighting - normal - grass, if that makes any sense. XD

Now it's question time!

The yellow paint from Raikou's fang somehow got on her cheek. Does anyone know how I could perhaps remove it without destroying the paint job?

It's not a big thing, but it's enough to irk me a little. :x

On a sad note, about three days after I got Raikou, I came home to see her tail broken! It was our house-keeper's last day with us, and she must have knocked her over, breaking the little bit of the tail piece that keeps Raikou's tail in her butt (which barely stayed in place as is). Thankfully, her tail still fits, it just looks a little...funky.
Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this so her tail isn't at such a funny angle? If not I think she'll live, it does look kinda neat and different. XD

So further questions! Does anybody know what these are?
Photobucket Front
Photobucket Back
A friend gave them to me, and I really don't know what to do with them, or what they are. Pencil boards, maybe?

Lastly, I'm seeking the Grovyle from this zukan
Does anybody know if he be separated from the base and stand on his own without a peg? And if anyone is selling him for cheap I might be interested.

Thanks for looking, and any answers would be much appreciated!

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