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Fudogs Gonna Fu

A giant Mamath TFG update /phew

Giant TFG collection update! GIANT.

Check out all those crazy GROUNDBREAKERS! 80

First things first! Here's what everyone cares about:

I have had amazing luck with the super-super-rare Groundbreakers TFG in 2011. AH-MAZING. The starter set figures (the ones with their stickers on their bases in this image) have become much easier to track down now but everything else in this picture is something I NEVER expected to have in my hands. :D

26 of 42 in the set. 16 to go! I can't tell you how long I've pined after some of these figures. My first inkling that Groundbreakers really were out there was in a picture that was found on a random dodgy wholesale Chinese "direct from factory" website. When I contacted them they no longer had anything from that picture in stock...if they ever really did. But the hunt was on! That story was repeated a few times all around the internet. :C

When zefiru found a slaking on a foreign ebay site (it was an epic story FYI) I was shocked. SHOCKED. I mean. WTF?? How did it get there?? And then kingrarium's TFG in France and the ones psy_man found on Ebay America. Craziness! Where did they come from??

And then there was Gin's recent Groundbreakers auctions! Kadabra came from Gin. I missed the ending of her auction (I was totally shattered, I tell you) but she was kind enough to offer me the Kadabra when it became available later. Thankyou, Gin! He is treasured.

Metagross, Lapras and Larvitar came from an ebay lot and were the first non-starter Groundbreakers I acquired. A couple years ago! They came with a pile of bootlegs and the lot was a bit expensive but...totally worth. I love the paint on Metagross, I really do.

Everything I haven't talked about the source of already came from lots of different Chinese sellers on Chinese sites. I'm still looking for more but the well has dried up, it seems... I'm not really complaining though!

Most figures came baseless and I murdered other more easily available figures to provide bases for them. I had a lot of trouble getting the stickers off! In the end, I turned to a product called Goo Gone that removed all the tough sticker residue beautifully.

Actually, while I was clearing a new base for Wobbafett, I cut my left hand really badly. I still haven't 100% gotten the feeling back in my left thumb. THE SACRIFICES I MAKE. (...but really, my fault for holding the blade wrongly).

And that ends the Groundbreakers part of this post! Next: Mystery Third Set TFG!

I consider myself fortunate to have 38 of the 42 third set figures - especially the harder to locate ones like Swampert and Flareon. :3 I am still looking for Whismur, Plusle, Minun and...whatever is left. Will we ever know the full set list??

So much good stuff in this set. It's so sad it didn't go into full production and distribution! Some of my favourites: the three beasts, Mew, Erika, Lt Surge!

I'm certain I've mentioned it before but I do so adore the effect of Tentacruel's translucent red jewel...eye...things. It looks so great in person! I wish I had the kind of camera that could pick it up well!


Aand of course I have the full first set, "Next Quest".

Not so much picspam of these guys, you've seen it aaalll before.

I'm also doing my best to scrape together the crystal and pearl subsets!

At first I wasn't interested in them because I had more than enough to focus on with the first set and then the third set came outta NOWHERE (I remember that week well - I just about died!) and then the long long on-going search for Groundbreakers... but I guess I am working on them now!

The releases of the subset TFG is all over the place - some were EU only, other America only, others were both. Still, it's fun to track 'em down. :3 The crystals are the favoured subset with me - their translucency means you can see where the figures come apart and how the moulds were designed. Neat! But the pearls are pretty too.

Group shot of every single one of my TFGs, all sets together:

It is quite a task nowadays whenever I have to take them out of storage for photos, which might go some way to explaining why I so rarely update about my TFG collection. :D;;

Groundbreakers again - leading the charge!

Picspam picspam picspam.

<3 Really, what more can I add?

So yeah. I took the best pics I could but I'm afraid my camera is of the uncooperative variety. One day I'll do better. :U

Also, small announcement: I managed to get some doubles of rare Groundbreakers and will be auctioning off a few to make back some of the costs of getting them in the first place! I bought multiples of figures whenever I could get them! Which wasn't all the time, alas. I will probably offer at least a Zubat and FurretLinoone. :3 Anyway, that's something to look for in coming weeks.

And now I'm exhausted. G'night, pkmncollectors! I hope you enjoyed this update!
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