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bell plush auction reminder... and special fire weasel gets!

Hi guys! My auctions for OOAK bell plushies are still going on until tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6:00 PM CST. Banette has no bids so far, and as soon as the auction is over they'll all be GONE!

But that's not all! I've been wanting to post a very special get I received earlier this month, and couldn't be happier having received it. :D

As many might know, my favorite Pokemon is Quilava and over the years in this community I've built up quite a collection in hopes of obtaining every official figure (and more!). But as any huge collector of gen 2 Pokemon might know, there's lots of hidden treasures out there, some that are yet to be unburied over ten years after they were made- for example, this particular piece!

While I knew of the existence of gen 2 chibi stampers (I happily own a Murkrow and am on the hunt for Delibird) I never even fathomed the existence of a Quilava one until happyjolteon proved me wrong! I really can't thank her enough as it's now it's a valued part of my collection and a reminder that there may be far more than meets the eye when it comes to gen 2 pokemerch. :D Now to hunt for the blue and pink bases!

He even fits in with my favorite type of pose in Quilava merch- standing upright and flameless!

And now he resides along with the 151 stamp~

I also recevied this in the mail from zugagirl earlier this month; while I typically don't go gung ho over printed merchandise that utilizes stock art, I can't say no to a magazine where Quilava is the star of the cover! (And check out that ultra adorable drawing!)

Thanks for looking! :D
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