I am a writer of fictions (ravestars85) wrote in pkmncollectors,
I am a writer of fictions

Kids and Shirts for sale!

If only Pokemon would run my car for me and make sure it didn't break down. I have a major repair that needs done to my car, and I want to try and see if I can fund some of it through sales of extra Pokemon stuff. I have some shirts from US Nationals, and some kids figures from the two newest sets! Everything is under the cut!

-I ship from the USA, and will ship anywhere in the world.
-Shipping will vary by where the item(s) are being shipped.
-Paypal is preferred.

Onto the goods!

Pokemon National Championship T-Shirts. I have the following sizes in stock at the following prices:

1x Child small (6-8) - 10.00
2x Child Medium (10-12) - 12.00
2x Child Large (14-16) - 18.00
3x Child XL (18-20) - 20.00
2x Adult Small-20.00

1x XXXXL National Championships "Staff" shirt-25.00

Kids figures (These will be shipped with the boxes flattened to save on shipping:

2x Deerling-6.00 each
1x Duosion-6.00
1x Cubchoo-8.00
2x Gigalith-6.00

1x Serperior-8.00
1x Mienfoo-7.00
2x Pawniard-7.00

2x Tynamo-6.00
2x Beheeyem-6.00
2x Shelmet-6.00

1x Haxorus w/card-9.00
2x Bisharp w/card-9.00

1x Ducklett w/card-9.00
2x Cincinno w/card-9.00
2x Excadrill w/card-9.00

Thanks for looking!
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