pkmnmaster1 (pkmnmaster1) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New member here!

  Hello there members! I am absolutely thrilled to become a member here.
  I've been lurking this community since about June, plotting my evil plans.
  No, but seriously, I hope to post, sell (with permission), etc. in this community among fellow collectors.

  My gender is male, just for future notice. I don't have any set collections right now, but I am interested in some of the human/trainer merchandise. Though the Pokemon creature merchandise is also interesting. Let's just say anything Pokemon is awesome! I live in a country area, so you cannot get a bunch of merchandise outside of Target, Wal-Mart, etc. Occasionally I'll come across a Toy's 'R' Us and stock up on some merchandise. I do a lot of ordering from Japan, my national Pokemon capital of the world. I don't have a super good camera, but I will post some of my collection/collecting every now and then when appropriate.

  I've been a fan of Pokemon since Silver version, I wish I could have experienced the RBY generation in the very beginning, but you get what you get. The anime actually came first in "capturing" me (no pun intended), and then the Gameboy, and then the Gamecube, etc. I got into collecting only a couple of years ago, which is strange for someone who's been a fan for such a long time. This community can help me as it is others in collecting what you can't find on the average glance at the legit items on E-Bay or on gaming websites, etc.
  So yeah, it's nice to be a member. I know it'll be awesome to finally be part of this community.
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