vaporeonxlover (vaporeonxlover) wrote in pkmncollectors,

question and update for collections and mini collections

hey i have a question for everyone. i will be getting the winking UFO pikachu plush and i was wondering how rare they are and what they are usually worth. i will most likely keep it but just wondering
it is this plush here

also update for collection and mini collection wants

Vaporeon collection:
-canvas vaporeon
-any vaporeon plush
-any vaporeon figure (zukan, chou, tomy, custom clay, etc)

Cubchoo mini collection:
-cubchoo pokedoll
-custom cubchoo plush
-cubchoo figures (already have cubchoo kid)

Emolga mini collection:
-emolga pokedoll
-custom plush
-figures (custom, anything not sure what figures cubchoo has)

other random wants (mainly plush but if you have some cute figures let me know)
-starter plush

i will be making a collections update in about a week or a little bit after that because i am going to wait until i get all of the things i bought recently and im going to do a huge photostory =] and there will be a lot of things hehe
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