Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

Quick Plush Offers, and GA status(es?)

Okay, some statuses!
Jensoxen GA: I have everything separated and bagged, and photographed the leftovers, but I'm going on holiday over this weekend.. So sorting out, weighing and spread-sheeting for literally over 30 parcels is gonna wait until I get home. Sorry chaps and chapettes.
Beanie Baby Pickups: If you've bought one, it's been posted. You should have got an email notification via paypal to say which day. One exception is where I'm combining a Snivy with a GA zukan. Thanks for being great guys!
Masseeve GA: If you've paid me, it's posted. All done.
Lifesize GA: Postage payment post from Technicolorcage coming soon. Very hefty postage I'm afraid.

I have a huge crate of stuff I need to clear out, so let's start with these plush! Offers end in 24hrs (7am GMT) for quick sale. Plush will be posted Friday this week. Shipping will be $3-4 to pretty much anywhere. Sales permission granted by Dakajojo in June this year.

Zorua DX Banpresto Plush - MWT - Starts at $25
Pikachu Banpresto - Tush tags only - Starts at $10
Pachirisu Banpresto Hand Puppet - Tush tags only - Starts at $8
jakks Shinx - Tush Tags only - Offers over $5?

All are clean, and as new.

Tags: auction, pachirisu, pikachu, plush, shinx, zorua
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