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In the Land Where Dragons Rule- a Dragon collection update.

Good Evening Everyone. Its my birthday today. How does Dragonrider send their birthday? working and studing However I have found time for an update. ( yes another random title)

First up I have wanted one of these for AGES. So mum decided to buy it for my birthday

Yes as some of you know its a Charizard pokedoll! He goes by the name of Firebolt!

But I have more then just a new firedragon. Check out my full update!

I have done some re-arranging since my collection is growing. Here is my main dragons Dragonite, Flygon and Salamence.

What is that plush hanging at the back? its my new Salamence! from Ebay and legit. ( has shopro sticker on his tag)

And rex loves his new charm curtesy of Osakuchan!

But don't you collect Kibago/Axew? Yes I do.

its grown too big for my little shelf ( i can't use the top shelf since it houses anotheer collection of mine)

Are you sitting comfortably - good the next few pictures have non- dragon Pokemon in them - shock horror.

My zorua and Zoroarks! a side collection I started when I got my japanese pokedoll,

the otherside of the shelf. Complete with new pokedex figures ( poor charmeleon is missing his arm it pinged of him and know i can't find it.

my japanese zorork pokedoll

American vs Japanese. The japaense one is much softer.

my new pokedolls mew, Tardis the dialga Giratina (malefor) and Latias.

a href="http://pics.livejournal.com/dragonrider49/pic/0003y5yq/">
The TY beanies plus axew! The UKs first good plush for ages. ( including box!)

My halloween stuff. You might recognise Boris!

Next from Fizzycat is Shortsnout the posable Charizard. ( you can guess the theme of my charizard nicknames huh).

Orochi has a new thing- the Deino evo line charm from jantyl!

my new kids.. hang one ones missing....

there you are piplup! Hanging with my sinnah starters.

some decor from Hebitheivan. Thank you!

PHEW! I think i'm done

One last thing. I have set up a small sales post to weed some of my non- dragon pokemon I am running out of room and I need the space I haven't got a fancy banner yet. link is here:
http://dragonrider49.livejournal.com/1582.html ( Sales permission granted by Dakajojo on 16/10/11.
Thats all for now!
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