beavisfreak (beavisfreak) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Question: What the heck is this guy?  He's from Hong Kong, so my guess is that he's not official, but his pattern doesn't copy any other Mudkip plush that I know of... so I bought him.  He's nearly a foot tall and made out of some minky-type fabric with embroidered eyes and nose holes.  Also, he has a hard felt tail with stitching for the lines.  So adorable asdfjkl.  The crease in his face is actually nearly invisible, stupid camera.

Side shot:

The cat likes the Kips. :U

Tag shot:

I've never seen this tag before; does anyone know what it says or if another plush has this kind of tag?

Also, get ready for a collection update... someday when I'm not completely lazy and the camera isn't dead.  So a long time from now, probably. 8l

Thanks, guys!
Tags: mudkip, plush
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