Jesse Roberts (jess111303) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jesse Roberts

Hello Everyone. Its time for an official apology

Alright, so some of you may be wondering where I've been, the status of your commissions, have your items been shipped, etc. Well, recently, I haven't been motivated at all to do any art or even ship out packages. I will get them all done though. I promise you that everyone. It may take longer than I'd want you to wait but they'll be done when I can motivate myself. I'm just not interested in this hobby anymore. I will be doing some collection weeding sales after I have gotten everything finished and mailed out the stuff I need to. I used to get commissions done in a day, but when it starts taking months to finish, I know I need a break and need to end this cycle.

So the list is as follows:
-Needle Felted Dratini and Dragonair
-Needle Felted Pikmin (3 colors)
-Vulpix and Ninetales Sculpture
-Slowpoke Fishing Sculpture
-Whiscash Sculpture
-Needle Felted Eevee and Flareon Sculpture
-3 Needle Felted Deoxys
-Bellossom Sculpture
-Bellossom Needle Felt
-Togepi Sculpture
-Togepi Needle felt
-Mew Sculpture
-Mew Needle Felt

If there is anyone I missed PLEASE tell me straight away. By saying I'm not motivated, I mean I can't get myself started. Not that I don't care and will be slapping together clay and calling it a pokemon. I will be putting in as much effort as any others. I just figured the community as a whole deserved an update from me concerning this.

Unfortunately, I've been taking on too much to be able to do in reasonable amounts of time. This has also become more of an unjoyful job, than a fun happy hobby. Another reason is I've become more interested in Amphibians and spend a lot of the time caring for the many I have aqcuired. I have since decided I want to make that my career. Working to conserve amphibians.

Fianlly, I'm sorry everyone, I did everything I disliked. Procrastinating, slow shipping and from time to time even lying about commission status. But that ends now. After all of these have been finished, I will be taking a hiatus from the community. Possibly a permanent one but if I do, I wish you all the best in your collecting and hope you can forgive me for the way I've behaved. I hope you all understand and can find it in your hearts to forgive me. Thank you everyone. Feel free to comment below with any questions or etc.
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