Mayushi (koun_youkai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Contest Entry

Hi everyone! I decided to give a try to the halloween contest. Say Hello to the little Mr. Zorua Potter.


(WOW! i think i finally learned how to make cuts )

Here you go. Zorua Potter making his potions assignments :P it took me a while  to set the stuff up, i had to improvise with  home articles dhgfgfg (actually, making this made me realize that i need more HP stuff) but i think it was worthy, and i had a lot of fun doing it (Except the part of liting up the candles... gosh i need to learn how to use lighters without burning my fingers) and; as well as the random riolu with robe, its not my entry, but liked it too, so i decided to post it as well C:

Here you go, Headmaster Riolu

anyways...that's basically it. Happy almost-Halloween!!

PS: the red thingy philosophersstone wannabe  is not a candy XD

Tags: contest
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