snakelvr103 (snakelvr103) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Jumbo Card Question

Sup everybody!! So after a lovely day at the Pokemon Center in Osaka I have returned with a little surprise:

Last Friday was my b-day so naturally I had to stop by ^^ Somehow I ended up with 2 so I'll be auctioning this one off if there is interest which leads to my questions:

Would anyone be interested in the card if I put it up for auction?
How much do you think it's worth?

They are exclusive to the Pokemon Centers here in Japan this year only (they change each year) and you can only get one for your birthday so it's pretty special. The space at the top is for your name so I've left it blank.

My Raikou buddy is just there for size reference. The Kyoto skyline is there to make it look pretty.

Tags: auction, cards, pokecen
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