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news news news

three awesome news :) EDIT: PLUS ONE MORE!!!

one, the two kinds of plush cushion being made for pokemon time were revealed to be gulpin and wailord! still no photos of ANYTHING GULPIN pic is here but not wailord yet!, give it another 20 hours or so... :D and there will be many! still, i've estimated the shipping cost based on my own pokecenter plush cushions of the same kind of price, so if you know you'll want one, you can still go ahead and order a pickup for tomorrow.

EDIT: NEW NEWS! I found microscopic images of four charms sets that will go on sale tomorrow. They are SETS and cannot be sold separately as of right now, but in any case, I have figured out what the charms will be...for the most part. Obviously tomorrow I will have photos... but if you want them picked up tomorrow for sure anyway, go right ahead, here they are!

two, the new attack kids figures photos have been posted to AAPF thanks to animeraro. thanks to you both!!! these look amazing!

third, pepsi nex (japan's favourite cola!) is introducing a line of phonestrap figures that will be attached to drinks starting next week!!! and there are SO MANY FIGURES!!!

thank goodness i have bad habits and love pepsi nex! *u* i can try to get these figures on request :D i will post reserve lists (first come first served) so hang tight for them to show up!

thanks folks :D
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