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Contest Entry+ First official post yay!

This is my first official entry, I mostly lurk but when I heard about the contest, I felt like I should give it a shot, so be nice :)

"Hello, my name is Kevin, and I'm an Audino. Many Audinos go to nursing school and become great pokemon nurses that help the pokemon centers all over Unova. However, I'm a special Audino because my trainer is not a Pokemon nurse but a witch!

I study very hard because one day I want to be a great witch alongside my trainer..."
(Isn't my master's hat gorgeous!)

"I study very hard, reading my training manual and stories about previous pokemon witches, psychics and ghosts. Although I'm a normal type, I am very capable of learning unique skills other pokemon cannot learn!

Every Halloween, there is a celebration where a new witch is made. Unfortunately, I have yet to be chosen... At first I figured only specific types of pokemon were chosen to become witches..."
(The Lampet was a late bloomer...)

"But last year, the village kiss-o-gram, Deltrese was chosen to become a witch!"
(I was very upset)

"Luckily, this year was a special year because on Halloween eve, my trainer had a surprise for me<3"

"This year I was chosen to become a witch!"
(although you cannot see it in this picture, my witches hat has a cute matching bow <3)

"On Halloween night, my master did not prepare a large celebration like my peers had, but instead shared something very special with me. The secrets of the universe!"
(Did you know time can be rewritten??? Ooops, spoilers :P)

-------------------------THE END--------------------------------------------

Happy Halloween!!!

Thanks for reading!!!!

BTW Here is my photo contest entry:

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