Nestor (Nestor Gil) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nestor Gil

Pokemon Plush Wants :)

Hello :) I'm looking for for 4 pokemon plushes to add to my collection and im hoping maybe someone on the community has one and is willing to sell it. I like collecting pokemon that have themes going for them. Right now my main theme is collecting pokemon plushes that have appeared in movies! Im almost done, i mainly just need Latias and Manaphy (mainly Latias since Latios should be here next week!) Also it wasnt untill a few days ago that i realized that my Infernape i had bought is actaully a UFO, and i just have this urge to finish the 3 Shinnoh starters final evolution. So here are my wants:)

The first 2 are UFO pokemon: Torterra and Empoleon
The other 3 are Pokedolls: Latias, Manaphy

So if anyone could help me out with my collection that would be greatly appreciated ^__^

and here are some pictures to help identify them!





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