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Re-introduction time! c:

I haven't been here in quite some time! ^_^ ANYWAY, I thought that I would lurk the community today and after lurking for over an hour, I decided to make a re-introduction.  I've never been well-known here, but I thought it would be fun because I've gotten a few new things and such.  So let's get started~!

These are my two Pokedolls, Shae and Flare.  [creative names, huh?] Sadly, I've only got two, but I'll be visiting New York City next summer and will be picking up as many things as I can. xD

[sorry for the bad quality] This is my Minccino plush, which a friend recently picked up for me from Epcot.  I wanted a Pokedoll, but this is still cute.  And she owes me five bucks still. xD Oh, and Fluttershy is chilling with Minccino in this picture. xD

I got this little guy in New York City when I was going into third grade.  It's hard to believe it was a little over five years ago!  I got him for Pokemon's tenth anniversary.  There's actually a funny story behind this.  I went to New York City with my family that year, and since we have family in rural New York (about four hours from the city), I wanted to visit the city for the first time.  However, we could only go on ONE DAY. 
So we were walking through New York when we got near Rockefeller Center.  We couldn't seem to located the Pokemon Center, so we asked a guy on the street where the Pokemon Center was.
I immediately started bawling when he told us it had been replaced with the Nintendo Center, but there was still a bit of Pokemon merch left. 
Finally, we got there, and I got my Flareon Pokedoll and this pin.  Sadly, these were recalled due to traces of lead in the paint, but since I can't return it, I still have it.  Oh, and the Bryant Park tenth anniversary party was the day after I left.  I cried after I found that out, too. :c

Sadly, I lost the back to him.

Entei, yo. 

When I went to my local Emerging Powers pre-release, they let me have an empty box.  Sweet! ^_^

Snivy!  Jakks plush, unopened gum, a stylus, and a tag.  I like to call it my itty bitty Snivy collection of pity.

Pikachu and other electrics!  I realized that one of them had fallen down, but after I picked him up, I forgot to take another picture. xD  Funny story about the little pika next to Pachirisu... When I was in fifth grade, three years ago, I was at my locker when I found a little package on the ground.  I kept it in my pencil pouch for two weeks, then when I finally decided to open it, out popped a little Pikachu. 8D

Fires.  I'm seriously in love with the Charmander Pyramid Sticker.

Manaphy stuff. c: I actually have a Manaphy charm on my backpack that I take to Pokemon league and I also have a Manaphy marble.

Just some random things.  Messed up party favor block, some figures, and a Pokedoll tag.

Tag from a folder I bought at a local comic store and a crappy overview.

Rayquaza! c: Yes, those nails are real.

Binders and boxes, oh my~ I have another binder of old trainers somewhere else as well.

First prime ever, and I love him.  I may trade him, but... he's HOUNDOOM. 8D

Full Art Thundurus I got from my Prerelease.

Cool story about this one, too. xD I went to Walgreens one day and found an old Charizard tin for $10.  I decided to buy it, because, hey, it was pretty cheap and it was brand new.  So I got the Promo Charizard out and began to open the other packs.  Just my luck, one of them had a shiny new Rayquaza Lv.X!

Articuno ex from when I was in fourth grade.  It was a few years old by then, but I still traded for it, and I loved it.  Not in the greatest condition, but it's still special to me.

<33333333333333333 My Shining Pikachu! I traded a TORKOAL for this in third or fourth grade, and I still love it.  It's in horrible condition [the photo doesn't show it, but there are wrinkly marks on the left bottom corner and all up Pikachu's body] but I still adore it.

Anyway, thanks for reading my re-intro!  I hope to visit more often! ^_^
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