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      So for my B-Day, I have done a collection update in the form of a story! I hope you enjoy it C:

So Nikey wants to put on the huge Birthday party for Roxy, so he needed help from the outsiders!

So their arrangements were tied and now it was time to get everything ready, so he left to the fairy kingdom.

So everyone pitch in to get things ready, so they put out the buffet,

and the party house.

So when Roxy got there they got on with the events that were planned,

Horseback ridding,


Petting zoo, although they think these animal look a little scary for the children,

much better,

watched many movies,

and for the final event, races! "Who ever wins will get this attack Axew!"

The event began!

"Clover is the winner!"

After all of that, Nikey proposed to Roxy, and she said...


The music began to play, and we danced all night!

A pokemon trainer saw all these pokemon, and tried to catch some,

There was no way we would let the trainer interupt the party, ATTACK!!

Once everyone left, Nikey took Roxy on a romantic picnic, down the river. And that concludes Roxy's B-Day!

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