spideyroxas (spideyroxas) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales post update pre-vacation times!

Hey guys just a small sales update before i fly out to Singapore for my vacation on friday! Super hyped! You never know some of you Singaporeans may pass me in the street or in a mall while im there! Look out for a Cyndaquil Mascot strapped to by bag and stop me to say hello XDD.. Im super hyped but i'll be poor by the end of it due to all the food i'll be eating (My last visit there i ate so much XD) I'll be taking a special plush with me for PhotoOPS!
Well i do also need to do a re-intro and collection update, but i'll save that for next time.. but i did get my Tepig & Snivy TY beanies hand delivered by my friend bergunty Tepig is the best.. i think it's love XD
Also if anyone wants to trade either a Talking Tepig or Tepig Jakks for similar value in my sales post i'd be all over that!


Bon Voyage friends!
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