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Noble Victories Mini Sales Post!

Sigh.....Snow, really? In October? Don't we get enough in December/January already? Curse you mother nature for ruining a good weekend night >_> Soooo, when your stuck inside what do you do? Sales Post XD

Luckily, I was able go to the Noble Victories Pre-Release before the snow came down so here is what I have for sale!

Received Sales Permission From denkimouse   On January 27th, 2010.

Feedback Located Here:
 I accept PayPal, Concealed Cash (At Your Own Risk!), And Money Order.

 All Prices Are In USD And Do Not Include PayPal Fees or Shipping Cost.
  All Items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home.

 I Ship From NJ, U.S.; Gladly will send everywhere! But I will not responsible for lost of cards/damaged cards. I keep all receipts from the post office to show I sent out, anything other than that is out of my hands (Sorry!).

 Please feel free to send me a Private Message or message on AIM (S/N can be found in my profile) with any questions, concerns, comments, or offers.

 I Ship Out As Soon As Possible. It Will (Try to) Never Take Me More Than 1 Week For You To Get Your Order Shipped Out.

 Haggling is always welcome! But please do not be upset if I feel its too low and refuse it.

 I Can Accept Holds For UP TO 24 Hours.  I will send you a reminder once, and after that it will go back up for sale.

 I would GLADLY Accept Trades; Sandile Line Wants Located Here: 
Squirtle Line Wants (Outdate by quite a bit) Located Here:
And ANY Tirtouga + Carracosta merch/items!

Also looking for a Gengar Pan Sticker; And If anyone is selling cheap Pokemon TCG Online codes, I would possibly be interested in buying them

Without further adieu here are the cards:

Haxorus (Reverse) - $4
Terrakion - $4
Lilligant - $1.50
Victini - $1.50
Accelgor - $1.00
Volcarona - $1.00
Conkeldurr - $1.00

Dwebble - $0.50
Karrablast - $0.50
Simisear - $0.75
Tynamo - $0.75

Uncommon Cards - $0.50
Common Cards - $0.25

Litwik - $0.50 each

Mienfoo - $0.50
Mienshao - $0.75 each

Sold: Stunfisk

Emolga - $0.75
Blitzle, Tynamo - $0.50 each

Axew - $0.50
Bisharp, Zweilous - $0.75

Lastly As always, here is my main TCG card shop which of course, you can combine with anything here (Warning!! Image Heavy) :

Or click this!:

And here is my Plush, figures, etc sales, (I am very ignorant in these things, so feel free to haggle or tell me prices are too high, etc.):

 I added in MIP Jakks Reshiram, Oshawott, and Zorua figures, League Patches (Unova Starters, Raichu, and much more), and Pokemon Pencils! .

As always thanks a bunch for reading/comment/viewing/posting/whatever! Until next time where I will show off my Squirtle Pokedolls (my first Pokedoll!) <3

Hope you all have a good Halloween! 
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