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Surprise Custom Get + Halloween Entry

My friend surprised me at school the other day with this little cute, and I thought I should share his cuteness with you all!

So, what did she make me?

A tiny swadloon! 

He's got tiny notches in his antennae because I RP a swadloon like that named Olaf with her. :3 It was so cute and totally made my day!

Size compared to swadloon kid:

Olaf doesn't seem very interested in himself....

Also, I threw together an entry for Halloween. Click the totally unrelated pic below to get to it.
Unless I messed up the link. Then just click the text...
[okay, it's sort of related since I threw together a Terezi for Halloween this year]

Nova decided he wanted to be a fortune teller for Halloween this year.

He thinks he knows everything just because he learned Future Sight.

Just to be clear, the entry is of Nova the jirachi.

Not the photo-shopped burmy.


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