Rachel M. (magicalondine) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rachel M.

contest entry?!

Well, hopefully this isn't too late! It just turned October 30th where I am, so. >:3
I've got a little Halloween contest entry.


I actually have never carved a pumpkin before. I've been feeling more like you know what, I should celebrate and holidays more, so I felt the urge to try it out. My mom surprised me by giving me a humongous pumpkin a few days ago.

Lemme just say that carving this sort of thing with kitchen knives is really hard. I originally planned to make the details I sketched out (her eyes and cheeks and so on) be the portions that showed through, but I realized halfway through that that wasn't gonna happen. OOPS [Also, I need a smaller candle.]
I had a lot of fun today, though. 83

First image is my contest entry! Good luck to everyone who entered :3

I hope you all are having an awesome Halloween weekend~!
Tags: contest
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