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A rather last minute contest entry.

When Quil knocked on the dark, foreboding door and yelled out 'Trick or Treat', an ominous shiver swept down his spine. The door creaked open, and he stepped inside, fearful thoughts darting around in his mind.

"Happy Halloween, dear," whispered a voice from down the long, dark hallway he now found himself in. "Are you here for trick-or-treating? I'm almost done baking my treats for this year, would you like to come to the kitchen and led me a hand?" An odd chuckle seemed to reverbrate in the air around him.

Thoroughly frightened now, Quil turned to go, only to find himself compelled to inch forwards, in a horrifyingly slow march through a small doorway to his right.

"There you are, sweetie, just help yourself to the treats on the counter then come help me out for a minute by the stove." It was so dark that Quil couldn't even see the whole room, but in the dim light he could just make out a try of cupcakes on the counter. He edged nervously towards them and reluctantly took one, but in his mind all he wanted was to be out of this horrible house.

The voice called out to him again. "Good, good..." A sickly sweet smugness seemed to enter it's tone. "Now, come over here for just a second..."

Quil knew that nothing good would come out of this. He knew that he should've run far, far away from this nightmare of a home and it's cackling voice and ominous treats. Yet once again, he found his feet taking him closer and closer to the source of the terrifying voice which seemed far too close for comfort, and only one thought ran through his mind.

He was in for some trouble.

Still, he didn't quite expect to become the treat...

And this is why you never accept candy from strangers. kids.
(Official Entry)

And this is why you don't accept candy from strangers, kids.

Anyways. TL;DR This image depicts Quil in quite a predicament: he's about to be eaten by a viciously cruel Zoroark who has misleadingly led him into her house. W00t.

Aaaand there you have it. My (probably late) 2011 Halloween contest entry. It's still the 30th here in Hong Kong (but only just), but whatever. That's what I get for being last minute. XD

It could be (a lot) better, but considering that I only took around half an hour and a bit to do this, I guess I'm pretty happy with it. It was a lot of fun to make; I had forgotten how much fun little things like this are to make. Huge thanks to my little sister for lending me her sort-of-collection of miniature foodstuffs to do this. I originally planned to have a small skeleton in the bottom right hand corner, but all I could find was a stegosaurus fossil. Dinosaurs ftw.

Here's a photo of the whole setup if you want to see what it looks like when properly lit and stuff.

In other news:

I know I've been gone for, erm, a looooong time. I just came back today actually (hence the last-minute contest entry) to a lot of new merch. I love the gulpin poketime pillow, and I'm not even a huge gulpin fan. HE'S JUST TOO ADORABLE. I have a couple questions about him too: does anyone know his shelf price at the pokemon centre, the fabric he's made of and if he's beany or more fluffy-ish? (Not going to get my hopes too high for beany-ness, what with the pokemon centre and it's love for stuffing XD)

Anyways, Happy Halloween everyone!
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