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Halloween Entry & Updated Sales

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* My Feedback Thread
* Collection Site
* Collection post

I hope this isn't late........ ^^;

Slightly bigger image! You can right click and view image for even bigger :)

Not much to say about this.. spent all of yesterday dressing them and setting everything up and then was too tired to post ^^;
In case my outfits aren't self explanatory; chimchar is Merlin (bbc series) as that is what I've named him, Treecko the pirate, Torchic is Dr Horrible, piplup is a cheerleader, Croagunk is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Axew the mummy, Sneasel the sorceress, and Riolu is a gryffindor student :) Oh and Woobat is Hoppip xD Everyone else just hanging out/being creepers. Oh and let's not forget about poor decapitated Aron head.....

you can view these images to get a better look

Ok now for a question/gauging interest!

I have this memory card game, would anyone be interested in buying it? Should I just sell the individual pieces? If full game, what should I price it at, and if just pieces what prices?

I also have this applause eevee in pretty minty condition with box and pokeball. I'll probably auction it off soon, anyone have a good starting price idea? :)

And now onto sales! I added a whole bunch of non BW cards to my sales so check it out :) And if there's a card you're looking for that you don't see feel free to ask me! I have lots and lots not listed from all sets, lots of Base and other sets from Wizards.

Now Shipping worldwide and might accept [US only] trades!
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