couchpotatonet (couchpotatonet) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Halloween Contest Entry

Here it is.  My daughters Halloween costume.  It is made out of felt.  The bits of eye & tail came from scraps of cotton.  I did it free hand with no pattern.  It is machine sewn except for the tummy circle which I attached by hand.  I would have liked to have a free swinging tail, but she is only 5 and I was afraid it would just get in the way.  The shoe covers are just little hoods with an elastic band on the bottom.  On the ends of the sleeves are built in mittens for cold little hands.  I also made it baggy so her heavy coat would fit underneath (she isn't wearing the coat here).  The tummy cover snaps closed on her left side.  The buttons are underneath the tummy cover.

Feel free to tell me what you think.
Tags: charmander
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