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Re- intro plus contest entry :))))

Hi everyone!

I have the feeling that no one actually knows who i am so i might aswell start with a re-intro:))))
I'm Raikourai, i'm from Hungary, but now i live in Finland, btw i'm 19.
Nowadays i mostly lurk the community and buy, and give commissions. I've been a member since last September, but i never really had time to actually make a proper re-intro post, since i was moving to a totally foreign country. But now i'm finally all set and i have time so let's do this :))))

If anyone would be interested here is my first post
Well since then my collection grew a lot! But i had to leave most of my collection in Hungary...
I just took some of my plushies here.

My collection mainly consist of Shaymin, Jolteon, but i have lots of side collections or let's just put it i don't really collect only one kind of Pokémon. As you will see i have lots of kinds of Pokes in my collection. But the other Pokes what i like are Raikou, Houndoom, Manectric and the others depend on cuteness so i have some of random plushies.

So i'll start with my overall collection at home.

Warning image heavy!
And my contest entry :)

So my collection in Hungary

Talky Tsu and two custom jolty plushies, i made the pillow one.

Yay sticker album, and cutie jolteon :)))))

Fail here! It says that Farfetch'd evolves into Doduo and then Dodrio XDXD

The most Majestic sticker ever! I just adore it to bits ^^ it might be bootleg though, but this is how Raikou looked like in Gold/Silver before they redid him in Crystal. Personally i like both the redid and the Raikou before, but i prefer the latter better though. He is so adorable ^^

And now my Collection what i have with me.

Nayo, Sneasel, Talky Tsu, Moongodess, Blacktail, Zoruarua, Doru and finally Rachee the torchick. Rachee and Jirachi are new gets.

Also I'm a custom plushie maker, so some examples of my work :)))))

Custom Raichu keychain for rairai42

Custom Jolteon plushie

My latest plushie, a commission for the wonderfulferaligroggles :))))))))

Thanks really much for reading ^^
Raikourai ~~
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