Genestealer~ (jensoxen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales! YAY! :)

Hey guys! Ive decided to sell some things i dont longer need, and thought others would be happy to own :)
So yeah. Good stuff to know:

File:Ani386DMS.png Was granted sales permish by dakajojo some months ago.
File:Ani386DMS.pngI ship from sweden.
File:Ani386DMS.pngI accept PAYPAL ONLY.
File:Ani386DMS.pngI ship all the stuff in bubblemailers.
File:Ani386DMS.pngi will ship max a week after payment.
File:Ani386DMS.pngCAN do holds.

File:Ani386DMS.pngopen for haggling.

Custom pokedoll clay figures:

all $8 each. Magikarp sold! Juniper and fennel on hold. 

all $8 ea.

pick 2 from the pictures above for $14!!

Woobat, halloween eevee and mew.
all $8
Eevee sold.

contains: Green core kid, waving kid, speed form kid, defence forme kid, normal tentacle kid. Speed forme chou get, attack forme sticker, attack forme kaiyodo figure, dog tag/pretty bad condition/, normal, speed, and defence TOMY:s.

Kaiyodo figure's base is not seen, but will be included!

RARE AS HELL deoxys metal 2004-2005 charms! Ive only seen them sold twice O.O
im selling these as me and jadekitty777 won a NIP set in a lot :)

$12 ea! $20 for both!
beauuutiful condition!
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