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A Humble Collection Post and Wants~

Hi, I've been lurking this comm for a while but never really purchased and focused on a collection anything till recently. My other hobby really consumes a lot of my money, time and other resources (such as sleep lol). Anyhoo, when that community went down for about a week, thanks to my other friends who are also in this community, I was capable to focus on what would become a very fun hobby. 

My main interests are Blissey and its evolution, Audino and Chandelure and its evolutions, with a hint of Jynx and Gengar lol. Though those are secondary to Blissey and Chandelure.

My collection is still small, but  I can already feel it grow, and I've had fun creating a diorama and accessories for my collection.

Just some of the kid figures i've collected over the past weeks.

Some closeups

Finally completed my collection of Blissey and its evolutions (just got the last two pieces the other day), as well as the two audinos kid figures <3
I am currently working on expanding my jynx kid figure collection as well as my chandelure evolution collection.

Some extra items, mostly chansey stuff, and an old gengar keychain i've had since I was a kid :P
Please don't mind my Lolita cake hat and circus theme hat lol

Some of the plushies. My audino is so special she has a contest badge and is dressed up for halloween. 
For a recent halloween meetup and party we were matching witches <3
Oh and that is a mini litwick figure my friend made. Isn't it cute!

And please don't mind the rilakkuma figures and other anime figures.

In the Lolita community, I make and sell Bunka doll inspired accessories. Generally they are dressed as bears and bunnies. So for fun I experimented and made some pokemon inspired bunka doll accessories. 

This one i made for a friend. I also made a Slow King and a Trubbish for friends. 
The photo above, was the product before it was finished, I switched the black eyes for the red eyes a gengar generally has. Although I wasn't able to take a photo. Hopefully you will see them when you find their collection posts. 

Anyhoo Thanks for looking.


I am currently looking for 

found this image on google.  I am looking for any of these three, preferably a blissey.

I also want to know how much these generally go for


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