Ryunwoofie (ryunwoofie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Slowbank Offers

So I've thought LONG and hard and I've decided that I'm putting my Slowpoke Pokemon Time Bank up for offers.
Also within is some smaller things for sale. Custom Slowpoke Plush, Custom Magikarp Hat.

Sales rules apply for Offers:
-Paypal only, USD.
-Prices do not include shipping.
-Shipping is priced at the most basic slowest parcel post unless otherwise asked for.
-Want tracking? Want Insurance? Ask.
-Shipped from GA, USA.
-Items come from a pet friendly home but are not in contact w/ the pets.
-My feedback is here.

Slowpoke Pokemon Time Ceramic Bank:

Offers start @ $100

Min of $1 increase during bidding.
I will accept payment plans for this item.
[Offers end Friday Nov 4th, 12noon EST]

You may combine items w/ my other sales located here:

Thanks all.
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