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Collection Update and Contest Entry

Hello everybody! I got a couple new charms in the mail so my new total is 13 out of 51 charms! Yes... I'm only 25% of the way... but it is just one small step out of many to come. ^_^

Regirock on an orange scarf. =P

Registeel with a stone background. =)

Bonsly with a wood background. =D

And with those last two charms, I've actually collected all of the Hoenn legend pokedoll charms. <3 Oh, if only all the charms were that easy to obtain!

Mew aka Dorothy and Eevee aka Toto have just dropped their house right on a new land- specifically not Kanto. XD Collecting Darkrai was a major helper in coordinating the scene- there are plenty of ghosties in the windows that you may not be able to see. ^_^ 

It was very difficult braiding Mew's hair and tying tiny red bows on the end- its a shame you can't make out the details of her hair and blue dress!

I hope you enjoyed my silly Halloween picture and I wish all of the competitors luck!
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