artikgato (artikgato) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Back from a long hiatus!

It's been a while since I last posted on the community (July, I think), but I'm finally back from a long, long hiatus with some wares to sell!

Edit: Augh, I knew I was forgetting something. I forgot to make the sales post public again - it should be fixed now. Sorry for the trouble!

General Pokémon Sales Post: kids and tomy figurines, plush, topps cards, TCG coins, tins, and more!

I am mid-way through a huge inventory and update on my card sales, so I won't be selling those right now. I should have my card sales back up in about a week, though!
I'm also opening my commissions again! I'm capable of making almost any Pokémon in a variety of sizes and styles, as well as humans and humanoids in the UFO doll style, and, finally, the latest edition to my commission repertoir: badges!

These are made of durable plastic and are about 2 inches wide. They are hand-drawn individually (not printed). Any of the badges shown here are only $2 each, or if you want another badge (including any of the other canon badges or even your own custom badge) it will be $3.
Tags: custom, kids, plush
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