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Contest Entry!

At first, I wasn't going to enter, since I had like NOTHING to dress up anyone as, and had no idea what to do. Then, glancing over at my bookshelf today, inspiration struck...

Charizard's reading the little ones scary stories~
XD I realized that Halloween doesn't HAVE to mean dressing up, so I went with this! Everyone's gathered for stories! Shadow Lugia is a big frightened, and is clinging to Miju for comfort. Cyndaquil is also quite terrified, and is cuddling with Mudkip. Torchic's enjoying the stories, though, as is Scraggy, who brought snacks. :3

Haha wow, this picture took forever to get, and it's still not all that clear! I wanted to get the spooky light shining on Charizard, and have everyone shown, and just couldn't get it right! This one was by far the best, so I went with this one for my entry.

Here's a few more with non-atmospheric-lighting to see everyone better, though!

Riku is scared! Miju is, too!

Scraggy with his candy, listening intently!

Poor Cyndaquil~

And here's Charizard! He's yelling at Scraggy for trying to read over his shoulder.

So yep! Again, the one with the writing is my entry. Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! ^-^

Also! To those in the Squirtle/Pikachu Pillow GA, the box is here and I should have shipping totals posted tomorrow. :3 I just need to find one more large box, and then will post the pictures and shipping!
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