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Just getting all of them things

Since I'm still waiting on some little Venusaurs, I'll ONCE AGAIN post pone my reintro/here are all my Venu's post.
Instead, you get a collection update.
Those are fun, right?

YAY THINGS. A super weird may-be-a-bootleg-but-I'm-not-sure Venusaur squishy maybe dog toy, and PELIPPAHHHHHH.
The Pokedex Figure, to be precise. :U Does anyone actually have any info on this Venusaur? I think I remember seeing a Gengar of the same description that was a little.. odd looking, too. BUT. I DON'T KNOW. :c

SUNFLORA BATTLE MUSEUM FIGURE. \o/ I actually already had this little guy, but it was baseless. So I understandably jumped at the chance to get an entirely MiP one from larvitarscar! Came with the stickers and everything ahhh. So epic.

It has come to my attention I have a disproportionate amount of Sunflora userpics.
It's not my fault they make such great icons. >:U

WOULD YOU JUST LOOK AT THIS? My GOD, that rocket_chick, she sure is a talented pumpkin, ain't she? I commissioned her for this ACEO card, and man did I ever get the bang for my buck. The art is so beautiful, UHH IT'S JUST PERFECT.
Ilu bb thank you again. ;w; <333

MOAR PELIPPAH. This in fact came from mamath, who included it as a freebie with my Thinkchip Venusaur. ;_; SO SWEET. Bandai really did improve on Pelipper's Kid design with this attack Kid. The colours are better, and idk, it just looks nicer.
So fat. <3

Any new additions to my little Dunsparce collection is indeed a welcome one. SO! I would like to present to you, the Dittosparce. The people at Bandai smiled down on poor little Dunsparce, and kind of gave him a second BM figure.
Just check out that face. So intelligent. :V

GOODY, MORE HUNTAIL. \o/ In case you didn't know which you all should, since it's SUPER IMPORTANT, Huntail is my other main collection. Though since his merch is INCREDIBLY few and far between (as in, may be able to count on one hand few) it does take the back seat to my Venusaur hoarding obsession. :B So, yeah. Like with Dunsparce, it's always exciting to get something new for him!
Sure, this figure MAY be a bootleg, but it is just a big beautiful BEAST of a bootleg. It seemed to be a large version of Huntail's Full Colour Advance figure.


3D Venudoll! This cutey is by the talented jensoxen, who had this, along with a few other grass type Pokedoll figures up for auction. I think at the time I was hoarding money for graily grail, but I managed to squirrel a little more away to bid on this guy. ;u; So cute! He also came with some ADORABLE drawings that I will keep forever to eternity.

Gots some 2D pretties too. 8) The card is the Sugimori Card (probs not official name, buuuut whatever) that was made in the 199?'s. It's got really amazing and entirely unique artwork, and even though I don't really go after flat merch, this is an exception. LOOK AT IT. All shiny and.. so epic. c:
And then the charm! Slowpoke is a Pokemon I can't help but love, but I'm a little choosy about the merch I get for it. :U;; But this is one of those items I've wanted for a really long time, and just jumped at the chance to get! It's a double sided charm, so on the back is a picture of his cute little rump. :> So CUTE. I was far more excited to get this than I thought I would be.
This is now chilling with my house key, coming with me to all the places~

Nanasaur. \o/ Even though this figure's got a bit of same pose syndrome, it's still really nicely made and umm..
Nice. c:

LOTADS. Here we've got the Suction Cup figure, and the.. one, that's a Pokeball bell./forgot the name to lazy to check durp
I am so in love with the Pokeball one though. Lotads, god knows I love them, seem to have a habit of have slight durp eyes with their figures. You can kind of see it with the Suction Cup figure. But the Pokeball one actually looks like he's FOCUSED ON A THING. No case of lazy eye in this little cutie. <3

OH YEAH AND I GOT DARMANITANS. Jakks Darmanitans to be precise, both of them arriving just this afternoon! I was in a rather bad mood when I arrived home to see their parcels in the mail, so they kind of improved my mood. c: The teeny tiny guy is the Jakks Pokeball "Catcher" Figure, and is SO SMALL. Probably about an inch high, if that. I won't lie, he's a little durpy, but for how little he really is, it's an impressive figure.
AND THEN THIS BIG GUY DEAR GOD. JAKKS YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING WONDERFUL HERE. He's big, heavy, and so beautiful. The face is really amazing imo. And it's probably my favourite Darmanitan figure to date. c:
I was hoping to get this from my local stores, but all I could find were three pack ones, and I'm sorry Jakks Darmanitan, you're not worth $20 to me. BUT. My bro rocket_chick totally had my back, and snagged me a single pack Darmanitan from here local BigW. THANK. YOU. SOMUCH. I was worried this guy would slip me by, and now I'm just so happy he's here, all nice and snug with my other fire apes.

Which I don't expect to be fulfilled since I've so far has NO LUCK FINDING THIS, but who knows. New comm members. New opportunities.

This Venusaur plush is the last one I need. It's the Burger King plush, released in the UK. I mean, I'm not saying ONLY UK members will have this, just that it's more likely. :U
SO! If any of you have this, please, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD. Let me know. Even if you don't want to sell it, any pictures besides this would be amazing.
This picture is all I have atm. ;n;

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